Seeing Macklemore x Ryan Lewis on the massive, main stage at Bonnaroo this summer was un-FREAKIN-believable. No, it was a religious experience for Tommy and I.

We've seen some amazing shows in our day but Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took it to a whole other level that night... We were literally in a sea of people, hot, sweaty and tired from a long-ass day of being beat up by the sun. Yet, none of that mattered as soon as they took the stage.

Sweat poured out of Macklemore's every word as he rapped his heart out and made a true connection with the crowd. Ryan Lewis pounded on drums and jumped around the stage like a mad man. We cried when they performed "One Love" and had a total out-of-body experience when the entire audience sang "Can't Hold Us" while Macklemore crowd surfed 20 feet in front of us, with pyrotechnics and stage visuals blazing. See below.

You can watch the 10 second epic snapchat video here on Youtube. SO GOOD.

We love going to shows, and made the journey to Bonnaroo this year, because we learn so much from watching pros. We learned that night that we can always get better at what we do. We can always give more to our audience. We can always be perfecting our craft and ourselves. Macklemore x Ryan Lewis and ourselves have a lot in common - we're creating our businesses ourselves. We're independent artists. But a little help along the way never hurt anybody.

Frustrated in the past with lack of education options for DJs, we set out in April 2016 to take on the mammoth task of creating an online course where DJs can go to improve their craft: The Interactive Wedding DJ Masterclass. It all started with our Top 10 Interactive Wedding DJ Tips eBook. This whole long process and hundreds of hours was great for us because when you teach others, you get better at what you do.

We created the masterclass to bring the Macklemore-levels of excitement back to the Wedding DJ industry, as well as help get people started in the industry or even provide multi-DJ operations with a training tool for their new recruits. Obviously, we can't get so pumped that we start crowd surfing our wedding reception audience. (Or can we? ;-)) But just sheer energy and positivity that we project when we're at a gig can carry us so far. That's why we cover it in depth in the first section of our course.

We start the course off with one of the most important concepts: It All Starts with Why. This is what Simon Sinek talks about at length in his life-changing TEDxTalk and book by the same title. Why do you want to DJ? To make money? To get some attention? That's actually not a good enough reason to become the best in your area. Money motivation and attention-whoring only gets you so far. Unfortunately. You can enjoy your job so much more by finding your why, which you can learn more about in this video preview on our course.

What is your Why? Think about it for a minute.

If it's to be the best at what you do... To create a remarkable experience for the brides and grooms that you work for... If it's to send them off to a beautiful and bright future... Then we want you to join our community and sign up for our course. We're here to help you get to that point. Loving your business. Loving your life. And loving creating long-lasting effects as a Wedding DJ.

This week, we're offering our product, The Interactive Wedding DJ Masterclass, for $100's less than it's worth. And cheaper than it ever will be. Only $47. (We're psycho). That's 60% OFF the already ridiculous low price we're asking for. You get our top interaction tips for wedding audiences PLUS our personal scripts, timelines and song suggestions we use in .doc format so you can just download and start using them. There's over 3 hours of material that you can use and refer to over and over and over again. And use for your future DJs that you'll need to start hiring and training when you begin blowing up your area.

Oh yeah! And it's all backed up by a "no questions asked, 30 day money-back guarantee."

If you sign-up and find it isn't for you, just ask for a refund and we'll give it to you. (Now we're really psycho.) This deal is good for this week only and the first 50 get access.

We don't want there to be any barriers to you getting hooked up on our material. Let's get you started!

Can't Hold Us,

DJ Dom & DJ Tom
The Pirone Bros