I hate to admit it but we thought about quitting 100+ times. Or at least I did.

Since April, DJ Tommy and I have been working on our eBook and our Interactive Wedding DJ Masterclass pretty much flat-out for months. This isn't so you to pity-buy our course. Haha. Not by any means. This is to get into some "real talk" with you.

I thought about quitting a LOT (well, putting things off I should say) while writing our material, filming the content, editing everything and fashioning TheInteractiveDJ.com to be a resource center for Wedding DJs who want to be the best for their clients.

I want to "really" talk to you about The Resistance. The voice in your head that tells you to quit. That tells you you aren't good enough. That tells you to play it safe and quit thinking big. To not try something new because you might fail. Because people might laugh at you. The Resistance refers to the self-sabotaging influence and voice inside all of us.

The Resistance is a term that Stephen Pressfield talks about at-length inside his must-read book The War of Art. If you're in entertainment or the arts, (aka YOU)... Do yourself a favor and buy a copy. (We prefer audiobooks thanks to being a big time-saver! We talk about other life-hacking suggestions in our masterclass too.)

The point is, this is what you're going to run into when you start practicing. When you start setting goals and going after them. When you start going outside your comfort zone and trying new things at your weddings and performances. When you work on that new website or promotional item. (Oy! Ours took a good two months). When you think about buying an online course from two guys named Tom & Dom off the interwebz. Haha! I had to.

The Resistance is what will need to be conquered on a daily basis in your new life as a top-notch Wedding DJ, MC & Entertainer. It's what causes procrastination. We put things off until the last minute to make time for things that are way easier and more immediately gratifying - TV, gaming, whining, wineing etc.

The Resistance aka The Lizard Brain aka The Reactive Mind will even need to be overcome by YOU to get through our entire course when and if you sign up. Why? Because anything pro-survival is fought and resisted against including education, voting, mowing the damn lawn, anything that involves a 6-pack and tighter abdominals, going to Church, etc. We put it off because another episode of Game of Thrones is waiting for us. Believe us - we know the struggle. I've watched the series twice!

If you did get on our program, congrats. But now we want you to actually get through all the lessons and starting to practice what we're talking about. Trying things out to see how it works for you.

If you haven't gotten on the program yet, we encourage you to take a look at it. We've got such great feedback from applying the principles and icebreakers at our gigs that I'm almost positive DJ Tommy will be mayor of our town Dahlonega (town north of Atlanta) someday. He's already an Ambassador at the county chamber and provides the sound for each event they host. (Great marketing tip right there to get your name out!)

Check DJ Tom out doing his raffle duties and channeling his infectious energy that people just love. (And notice the wrapped cables around his speaker stands. Always the professional, that Tommy.)

(We hope you're able to get to know us better with these e-mails to see we aren't interweb dweebz. We're connected to our community, interacting with our surroundings because we enjoy it. Just doing this has gotten us a ton of business.)

Fight The Resistance my friends. Our course will talk more about it and even how to overcome self-confidence issues. Again, it's always a work in progress as you continue to expand. But you've got a support system with us.

When you're part of our course, you can always drop us a line and ask a question once enrolled. DJ Tom and I will put our heads together and get you an answer as fast as humanly possible - personally.

Invest in yourself if you haven't already. The $47 deal really isn't going to last forever but because you've already showed some interest in the product and the coupon, we want to hook you up and make it a bit easier to overcome that voice in your head. You're getting over 60% off the after-launch price with this coupon code and link. There are only a few coupon codes left.

And tell that voice there is a 30 day money-back guarantee anyways. So just STFU, voice. ;-)

We waded through tons of this crap (Resistance) to put together something that helps you out. And to keep pushing our performances forward. Let us know how we did.

Fighting Our Own Resistance,
DJ Dominick and DJ Tommy Pirone