Sheer dumb luck helped me land some Club level seats at the Imagine Dragons concert last night in Orlando at the beautiful Amway Arena.

A friend of mine randomly won them in a raffle! Ha!

I generally listen to more alternative music in my free time so I don't consider myself a HUGE Imagine Dragons fan.

BUT, I knew they had serious arena anthem songs and that's what I wanted to be able to experience.

And I wasn't about to pass up free frickin' tickets.

Plus, I love their new "Thunder" song.

And I've always loved "Radioactive." Love the drug-free message. Super important in my book.

The biggest thing that struck me was his message of overcoming depression.

The lead singer was at one time stuck in a dull, grey misery.

But he kept going, got through it and NOW look at them.

Holy shiz.

Laser lights, millions of fans, full arenas (the were sold out and not even Jay-freakin-Z is sold out yet who plays tonight. Go figure.

No matter where you are in life, you're going to face barriers.

Sometimes these barriers look unimaginably big and horrible.

Sometimes you feel like you're never going to get there.

But you have to keep pushing.

Especially when you have big arse awesome goals. It's going to take some massive action to get there.

Action on the goals and creating despite all the junk is the key. And you will feel junky at times every time you want to level up and take on a new goal. Something bigger.

Keep marchin' on! Attack those goals!