DJ Bayardo covers a cool new toy DJs have to look forward to. :)

The Sparkular Firework Simulator!

Butttt... You might need some extra cash to buy a set of these.

They retail at $14k Australian which is probably about $6k or $7k American.

That's okay... We can teach you how to get some more money together using Thumbtack:

I'm moving to Tampa shortly, just to give myself another challenge of starting all over again. Ha!

Good news: I haven't even moved there and I've already got a couple gigs ready to go in October, thanks to changing some things up on Thumbtack.

Thumbtack isn't necessarily going to give you the highest paying gigs. But done right, you can get some great filler gigs to practice some of our Masterclass techniques at.

Or send your new hire to to get some experience. Or, just because you want some extra gigs.


Either way, when you use our interactive techniques at these gigs, you'll start building your word of mouth referrals like crazy. You won't even know who is in your crowd that could be your next raving fan. So any of these gigs are good ones, as long as you aren't short changing yourself.

And you don't have to when you stand out on this platform.

I haven't taken Thumbtack very seriously in the past but I've booked some great gigs on there for not very much money at all and wanted to tell you how I did it.

There's just one problem... Competition is fierce on Thumbtack, especially if you're new to it. You'll be going up against some companies who have 96+ or 130+ positive reviews so you need to know how to stand out from the crowd if you don't want to gush all your money into this internet abyss.

Let's get started. I just added the video here in your Top 10 Tips class.

Click here to watch:

Oh yeah! Want more killer tips?

We're having a 4-day sale on our Masterclass this weekend. Because we're nice. ;)

Usually the class is $297.00. We've been offering it to you for $147 because you're a student in the Top 10 Tips class.

But for the next 4 days, use coupon code BOOYAH and you can get it for a one-time payment of $127.00 or 3 easy payments of $49.00 [when you use coupon code EASY3] until Sunday, Oct 1st at midnight eastern time.

You're bloody welcome.

Now go make some money on Thumbtack!


DJ Dominick