Do you ever worry about how many "DJs" are out there and how to separate yourself in the marketplace?

I'm not a big fan of worrying as it doesn't really get you anywhere... BUT, you should have at least some concern about it so it lights a fire under your butt to become the top in your area. And to differentiate yourself from "all the other DJs."

That's why you and your business need to rise above the noise.

As a Wedding DJ & MC, you shouldn't just consider yourself a DJ. Afterall, do you only jockey discs? ;) Didn't think so. This term is so old it still has DISCS in there for Gosh sakes.

And jockey for that matter... What the flip does that even mean?

In our opinion here at TheInteractiveDJ, you need to become a Wedding Entertainer or an Elite Entertainer.

That's what DJ Tommy and I did with our wedding entertainment company, Pirone Entertainment, in the North Georgia Mountains. In a matter of 3-4 years after starting it up, we became the top in the area and the go-to wedding pros, with our names on the preferred vendor lists at all the top wedding venues in the area.

The key here is branding. And branding, simply put, is the art of differentiation.

I got this powerful, simplified idea of branding from a writer named David Brier of

David has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes and New York Times. Daymond John, a star of Shark Tank, has said, “David Brier is brilliant with branding.”

In other words... He's a good guy to listen to!

Here's a fantastic viral video he created to get you thinking with this idea:

Cool! But how does this translate to the DJ business?

Here's an example: If you have an equalizer in your logo, you're probably on the wrong track if you want to really differentiate yourself.

Yes, it communicates you're a DJ. Yes, it'll be fine for now and you shouldn't freak out about it. BUT, it's overused and won't help you standout.

Instead, you need to think about your target audience and what's really going to communicate to them.

One of my favorite examples of a company doing everything right is Bunn DJ Company.

If you check out their website, they've got a simple logo with a play button. Fine. Cool. Simple. Check.

But as soon as you get to their website, they're beating you upside the head with WHO they are and what exactly it is that they do.

By observation, a lot of DJ companies don't even have a picture of themselves on their site. Holy s%&t. That is a MAJOR NO-NO. (But this is going to be the subject of a whole other post in this series. ;) )

But this observation opens the door to YOU on how you can differentiate yourself. :) See where I'm going with this?

In the next week, take a look at who you are and the reason your company exists and what you can do to really differentiate yourself from "all the other DJs."

If you love doing weddings, why is that? If you love DJing big crazy-a$$ parties, why is that?

Make a list of those things. And look for the next post in this branding series.

And I'm always here to help if you need any assistance: [email protected]

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Here's to Rising Above the Noise,

DJ Dominick Pirone