Good lawd! We did it. We finally made the list.

It took a couple of attempts, but we just got the e-mail that we're joining the big dogs at Montaluce (pronounced MON-tah-LOO-chay).

This is North Georgia's finest winery and premier destination wedding venue and will be a game changer for our business.

This place has mostly only live bands on their list just to give you an idea of the fancy factor going on here. There may only be one other DJ on the list.

They're nestled in the mountains and are the go-to spot for all of the destination brides from Atlanta and the southeast area.

We did a wedding here recently where we shot a ton of video on how to wow your brides and get on the list that we're making part of our Masterclass.

Can you say BONUS?!

But here's the takeaway for your business:

Interaction isn't just needed with the bride and groom and her family.

Interaction and professionalism is needed with the venue staff and the rest of the wedding professionals you're working with, including the photographer and videographer.

Especially the wedding coordinator.

DJ Tommy and I really went the extra mile working with Montaluce's in-house wedding coordinator to make sure everything was perfect for her and her bride.

Her career and reputation are riding on everything going smoothly as much as yours so you better work together.

There's a ton you can do to make their lives easy but and we cover it all in our masterclass.

Just using good communication and being willing to go with the flow is key.

They'll want to know what's on your timeline.

They'll want help getting everyone in the dining room after cocktail hour is done and keeping a tight timeline.

At this wedding, we coordinated giving the bride and father of the bride actual guitars to do a guitar solo to "Let It Be" by The Beatles 1:30 minutes in.

We do whatever it takes to make the bride happy, but we always keep an eye on the wedding coordinators too!

This coordinator at Montaluce told us later in the night how a lot of the bands that play at Montaluce don't want to bother with ceremony sound system setups.

Most of them just outright refuse she told us.

Take a lesson on NOT being a princess. But also know an opportunity when you see one!

This means we'll be the go-to entertainers for the brides that want everything in one. BANG.

We want to teach you everything we know to become the top-paid wedding entertainers in your area and it's all in the Masterclass.

Yesterday, we opened it up and are rewarding the first 10 DJs who invest in themselves first by giving them $200 OFF our regular $297 price.

You'll get all of our interactive knowledge for just $97 using this link.

There are only 5 of these spots left and then the price is going up.

Don't hesitate. Let's make you the top entertainer in your area.

DJ Dominick & DJ Tommy
The Interactive DJ Bros